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Jewelna Osei-Poku

Research Interests

Jewelna is interested in understanding the genetic basis of vector-pathogen interactions particularly that which underlie the competence of mosquitoes to transmit diseases. Currently working with the Aedes-Brugia model, she aims to identify the vectors recognition of the parasite, fine-map the resistance genes and determine the geographical distribution of refractoriness of Aedes aegypti to Brugia malayi. She is responsible for establishing Aedes as a model system in the lab, which is now a major focus of our research.

Education and Employment

Autumn 2008-2012. Graduate Student (PhD), Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge

BSc Zoology University of Ghana 2002-2006

-Honours project on ectoparasitic infestation of domestic pets.

-2006-2008: Lab and field work assistant in the Department of Parasitology, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, Ghana


Osei-Poku, J, Mbogo, CM, Palmer, WJ and Jiggins, FM 2012 Deep sequencing reveals extensive variation in the gut microbiota of wild mosquitoes from Kenya. Molecular Ecology. In Press.

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