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Lucia Tagliaferri

As a Research Laboratory Technician I provide diverse technical and maintenance support to the lab studying the evolution and genetics of hosts and parasites, mostly using insects as a model system.

Before joining the Genetics Department , I worked as Research Assistant in the University of Oxford where I assisted Dr Jennifer Perry in her studies on sexual selection in insects (D.melanogaster, G. ingognitus), in particular of the evolution of sexual morphology in water striders. At Oxford I was also a member of the EGI (Edward Grey Institute of Ornithology).

I graduated at the University of Milano with a Research Master's degree in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (BA Biological Science) with a thesis on maternal effects. In particular, I focused on the benefits of Vitamin E supplementation in Yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis) eggs, and effects on chick’s growth